WarmUp Project: Mapping Drumbeat Testing 2

We took our revised drumbeat design for a second round of testing. Testing for this video was conducted on the last week of September.

We changed the format of the design to fit within the length x width 100 inch limit, and also thought about how the drumbeat would be carried around. We decided it made sense and would be very convenient to map the drumbeat out in a long strip folded into thirds.

The below video shows for the results of the second round of testing.

Warmup Project: Mapping Drumbeat Testing 1

The first phase of testing results was not bad. Most people seemed to have difficulty with understanding the tempo. Many people also did not hit their chest hard enough to make a sound.

After the first phase of testing we decided to try changing the view of the hands, to a frontal or angled view of a person’s body. After we decided to re-design, we came up with a few concepts:

np-drumbeat-design2-01    np-drumbeat-design1-01


Final Re-design (We combined the concepts):

final-drumbeat-1-01  final-drumbeat-2-01

We also decided to test more people on our second phase of testing!

Warm Up Project: Mapping Drumbeat

For this warm up project we needed to design a simple drumbeat sequence and document our research on whether or not our design was readable or not.

On the first day we roughly drew illustrations that showed the sequence:

IMG_8810       IMG_8811

After drawing out the illustrations, we thought it would be a good idea to cut them out and arrange them so that the tempo and beat of the sequence was more apparent and easier to read.

IMG_8803    IMG_8807


We determined that it might be easiest to read if each part of the sequence was divided into rows from left to right. At the end of class, we each left with a copy of the sequence to show to our family and friends to test to see how our design would do.