Project Three: Persona Experience

For the persona Experience, we wanted to capture the experience of a student who came to America to study abroad. The student is not so great at English and has difficulty understanding lectures in her/his classes, reading homework assignments, writing papers, and reaching out to other students.

The student tries to learn and study english on his/her own but realizes that studying a language without practicing it with real people does not help very much. This is when the student finds the Pera pera application on his/her smartphone application store. The pera pera app allows for the user to use their location, interests, and more to look and join “circles” where people who have things in common can talk about topics they find interesting through chats, or at phsical meet-ups through the events feature. After joining circles, participating in discussions, and finding language partners or friends, the international student feels more confident about his/her ability to use the language, makes friends, and becomes more integrated into a different culture through it’s language.

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