Project Three: Application Features

Application Main Features/Navigation:

Circles: A feature that allows users to join groups according to their interests, school majors, languages, cultures, backgrounds ethnicity, etc.
Under Circles are the Discussions and Events features that give users multiple ways to communicate with other circle members either through their mobile devices, or physically through events and meet-ups.

Messaging: This feature allows for users to chat and directly message friends or language partners from around the world. The messaging feature allows for users to automatically and conveniently translate, correct, look-up, and define words and phrases in different languages without leaving the application.

Phrase Book: The phrase book allows for users to customize their language learning experience. All phrases, sentences, and words that the user favorites are recorded in the phrase book. The user can choose which phrases they want to save, practice, and use for reference for future conversations and interactions.

Settings: This feature includes features such as profile, profile settings, account settings, language settings etc. With a profile users can introduce themselves to other pera pera app users by including a short bio, and sharing their school, major, languages, and background.

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