We did not have class on September 29.

On this class meeting, we told Jun our idea for the Sound Sequence. We also brainstormed different ideas for project 2, the Elevator Experience project.

Jun seemed to like the idea for the Sound Sequence. During the critique, we took the idea a step further and agreed that if we were able to incorporate a compelling or visually stimulating interactive interface with the sound sequence museum installation, then perhaps the installation would not only be limited to history and educational museums like the Museum of Natural History, but also contemporary or modern art/design museums, such as the MOMA. It was a very exciting idea!

Sound Sequence Performance:


Notes we took on Project 1 during our class critique

The elevator experience project proved to be a challenge. We did not know what we wanted to do yet. After class we decided to ride the elevator together as a group to get an understanding of what the elevators looked like.

IMG_9301      IMG_9300

We went to the big balcony on the fourth floor and could see all the way out to Manhattan.

IMG_9305     IMG_9306

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