Project 2: Elevator Experience Mon, October 12 Elevator Testing

On Monday, October 12, Garrett and Nicole went out to do some testing at the elevator located in the New Business Building at Montclair State University.

Nothing was prepared before hand, so Garrett, the team-leader suggested starting simple, by taping a 11×17 sheet of white paper on top of the elevator buttons. It was our first time testing, so we were not sure if we were supposed to get on/off the elevators, or if we were supposed to test both elevators at the same time.

Either way, there were not many students riding the elevators during the testing time period, but we were able to get two reactions from people on tape.

The janitor many later, ended up scolding Garrett and I for fooling around/playing pranks. Nicole attempted to explain to the Janitor that it was not a prank, but an experiment being conducted for a school project, however, he cut her off, and she was not able to say much to convince the man to hear her out. Nicole and Garrett ended up leaving the sheets of paper on the elevator buttons… Now that I look back at the situation, we should have taken them off. Sorry đŸ˜¦

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