Project 1: Sound Sequence MON, SEPT 28 Meeting

On this day we met to talk about project 1 the sound sequence project. We discussed about what sound sequence we would choose and decided to map it out on paper so that we could duplicate the sounds and perform it in front of the class.

The week before, there were suggestions about the sound sequence being reproduced and distributed as a board game similar to Twister, where it would be packaged with a tarp that displayed the sound sequence. However, there was another suggestion later on, about what if the Aboriginal dance sound sequence was part of an interactive installation at a museum.

Aboriginal dance is a very specific type of musical performance that most likely has a designated section or area in history museums. If the sound sequence was installed as an interactive installation that taught aboriginal dance, it may be able to give museum visitors insight into aboriginal culture, dance, and music.


Garrett (left) and Patrick (right) sketching ways the sound sequence could be displayed in a museum.


It was difficult thinking of ways to design the sound sequence without understanding the components of the sound sequence itself, so we backtracked and simple mapped the sound sequence with x’s and o’s so that we could understand the different layers in the music. The primary instrument or sound used in the sound sequence is a wooden clacking sound, in order to product the sound, Nicole brought in some wooden kitchen objects.


Sound Sequence.


Sound Sequence and Musical Instruments.

After writing out the sound sequence, we tested to see if it was long enough, and found it was just under 1 minute!


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